Here we go!

Here’s the latest as we head into the Wednesday July 28th Show....

We’ve just concluded a week of rehearsals and I am ecstatic with the results.  The phrase ‘I am not worthy’ often runs through my head. We’ll be performing Hey Joe, Up On The Roof, The Sailing Ship, Tobacco Road, Light My Fire, The Times They Are A-Changin’, It Could Be We’re In Love, and Sunshine Psalm...along with a number of my new originals.

As it turns out, the reunion of the Shames’ founders will have to wait for a future date; recent illnesses, accidents and other circumstances will prevent the reunion from occurring this Wednesday.  The good news is that we all remain the best of friends and that the Show will provide an opportunity for all sorts of other reunions to happen.

Meanwhile...the After-Party has been expanded (!) to include the infamous Chris Neville...AND YOU’RE INVITED.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you, and on Wednesday, the 28th...or at any other time... my time is your time.

All the best,


P.S.   The Lilly Cache Lane entrance (on the south end) is temporarily closed due to road construction and you should use the Briarcliff Road entrance to the North.


The free after party will be at the Holiday Inn Bolingbrook 630-679-1600 on Remington, Interested parties should just call 630-679-1600

and The group confirmation is EG3 and the event name is James Band/ Cryan' Shames...and will feature members of the Jamez Band, Shames, and friends playing till we can't play anymore...and free food!


It has been important for me to do this.  People came in last summer from the Phillipines, Hawaii, California, New York, Florida...and one of the shows was rained out.


I offer this from the heart and look forward to seeing each and every one of you.


All the best,




Bolingbrook Performing Arts Center

375 Briarcliff Rd.

Bolingbrook , IL