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The Cryan' Shames Past Members

Tom Doody
One of the Original Cryan' Shames, but was also with "The Possum River Band" in its 1971 early stage, and The Ides' / Shames Union.
Jim Pilster
Still with the Cryan' Shames, and was a member of The Ides' / Shames Union. He appeared on The Covens "Witchcraft" album prior to the 1969 breakup, and also has an acoustic band called "The Two-Bit Oysters" comprised of members of The Cryan' Shames line-up.
Bob Stroud
A D.J. for the past 23 years, and has been on almost every radio station in Chicago, IL. He is presently with WDRV Radio ("The Drive" 97.1 FM), and hosts the "Rock and Roll Root Salute" show every Sunday from 9A.M. - 12 Noon. Bob has an uncanny knowledge of rock & roll history, and fronted "Rockestra", a rock and soul band for 10 years to audiences through out Chicago. Bob was the lead singer for The Cryan' Shames from 2003 - 2007 during Tom Doody's brief retirement.
Gerry Stone
Gerry was drafted in 1967. Gerry appeared with The Cryan' Shames at their 2002 Evening With Chicago's Gold Concert.
Dave Purple
Dave got married in 1967 and left the group. Dave won a Grammy award for his engineering on Isaac Hayes's "Theme from Shaft," and was still active in the recording industry up to the time of his death in 2001.
Denny Conroy
Denny formed a band named "Possum River" in 1971 with Lenny Kerley, Dave Curtis, and Jan Knopek. Tom Doody was also a member during its early stage. They made one album under the label "Ovation". Denny was back with the Cryan' Shames in the summer of 1969 and left the band later that year. He played Drums in the "Dooley Brothers", and "Shawn Colvin Band" in the early 1970's, and started composing and performing his own music on Keyboards in 1984. Denny is now playing and recording on his own label "Blue Goose Productions". His latest audio tapes are: "Spring" (1984), IBEX "There...and Back" (1988), "Earthling" (1989), "Astral Imprints" (1994), "Geodyssey Earth" (1995), and "At the Interface" (1997). Denny personally works with , and performs benefits for people with disabilities. Dennis occasionally signs autographs at The Cryan' Shames concerts.
Lenny Kerley
Lenny was a member of "Possum River" in 1971, and a member of "Good Foot" from Chicago before moving to Nashville to work with Gene Cotton (Areola Records). Was back-up band (on the road) for Gary Smith, then formed his own group "Blues Priority". Lenny wrote the music for Tanya Scarlett's "Fashionably Late" CD, and was playing Blues in his own group "Lenny Kerley" , with a new CD in the making. Lenny is still writing music,and is an amazing guitarist.His lastest group (2006) is The Blues Priority.
Isaac Guillory
Living in the UK in 1971. Recorded a solo folk album with Jim Fairs titled "Isaac Guillory Side One" (1973) - later released as "The Atlantic Years". He also recorded a 45 titled "Sidewalks of America / Steamboat". His latest albums are : "Solo" (1979), "Live" (1986),"Easy" (1988),and "Slow Down" (1992,"The Days of Forty Nine" (1999) His last CD "Swan Song" is due to be released in 2002 . Isaac died on December 31, 2000. He has a web site at which is also staffed by the Cryan' Shames Home Page Staff. Check Out Isaac's Online Guitar School
James Fairs
Was in "Hound Dog Moses", and the following groups after the Cryan' Shames: The Greg Allman Band, Muddy Waters , Pearls Before Swine, and Hezikiah (with Geoff Bryan from "Saturday's Childen"). James recorded with Isaac Guillory in 1973 and produced: the Mama Cass Elliot solo album (co-produced), Ritchie Haven's "1983", Patrick Leonards "Software", and Greg Allmans "Lead Me On". James composed music for: Chaka Khan (Little Boy Blue), musical score for Key Picture film Modern Rhapsody, Bill Kurtis's A&E Specials : Cold Cases, The American Cowboy, and HD Planet.
He moved to Florida and played in the area, but later returned to Chicago and formed "The Jim Fairs Group" with David Golflies of the Allman Brothers. James is currently working on music projects with Suzy C and various artists. We did a quick phone interview with James on April 14,1999, and we launched a page for James Fairs
. James appeared with The Cryan ' Shames in 1999, 2001 and at their 2002 Evening With Chicago's Gold Concert.
Dave Carter
After The Cryan' Shames Dave worked for the Leo Burnett advertising agency doing various television commercials. Dave was a member of Possum River, and Aorta, and played Frank Hardy on the Hardy Boys cartoon show, which included a tour of state fairs. He then wrote music for the J.Walter Thompson advertising agency. Dave is in the communications business, and enjoys writing music and surf fishing.
Alan Dawson
After 1969 was a member of Aorta, Possum River, Cotton {produced Platte River Crossing CD}, and Otis and the Elevators with Vicky Hubly. He produced his first CD "Hold on to me" in the early 1990's, and has been doing music for radio and TV commercials. Alan plans to continue writing music and doing studio session work, besides forming a three piece folk group. Alan has a new CD in the making . Alan was with The Two-Bit Oysters for their 1998 season finale, and he also appeared at The Cryan' Shames 2002 Evening With Chicago's Gold Concert.
Ron Kaplan
Replaced Denny Conroy after he returned to the band and left again in late 1969. Ron appeared on Dex Card's Wild Goose Tours in the late summer of 1970, the 1982 Chicagofest Cryan' Shames Reunion, and The Ides' / Shames Union. Prior to The Cryan' Shames, Ron was a member of Four Days And A Night. After the Shames he played with: Jumbo, Streetplayer, Redwood Landing, The Ides' Shames Union, The Dick Eastman Band, and The Corky Siegel Band.
He is presently working on several long distance recording projects with other musicians. Ron appeared on Isaac Guillory's 2nd (un-released) solo album with James Fairs which later became "Isaac Guillory - The Atlantic Years", and was a member of Possum River in it's early stage.

Ron Brandt( The Fishin' Musician)
Ron played guitar for the Cryan' Shames for the past 7 years (1995-2002). Ron was a member of Scramble,and The Nightshift Orchestra, and The Two-Bit Oysters.

Larry Coveny
Larry sang lead with The Cryan' Shames from 1995 to 2002. Before that He was with Bill Archer's Big Bear Band, Avalanche, Class X, and The Joe Hesh Band. He's still been known to join The Shames on occasion, but is enjoying his time with his family.Larry is also in the process of recording a CD.

Tim Rutter
Tim played bass for the Cryan' Shames from 1990-2002.

Ted Kalamatas
Played with Cryan" Shames in the early seventies replacing Chuck Sommar on drums with the Ides/Shames Union. Then Ted continued to play drums for the Cryan' Shames when they got back together and opened up by playing at B-Ginnings. He enjoyed two more years after that with them. Played with Jimmy P. with Jotto and Tropic. Also worked on several projects back then with Jim Fairs, Dave Bickler and Andre Crouch, etc. Currently play drums for Independent Music Network Best Group/Duo of 2009, Thadeus Project and play drums on their new, soon to be released CD "Keeper of Dreams".